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OSHA Update

The OSHA completion deadline is creeping up on the team members. February 15th is the official cut off date! Although the robot is not yet fully completed, it is functional. Stay vigilant on upcoming post that are soon to come.

Krystal’s Acceptance

Congratulations to Krystal, one of our programmers, for getting accepted into her school of choice, Lamar University. Krystal is going to major in computer science. We wish her the best of luck for her near future!

Krystal's acceptance into Lamar University!
Krystal’s acceptance into Lamar University!

Week 5 Progress

Our Roboteers have been studying diligently on the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Heath Administration) online program in order to be allowed in the pit area and be on the drive team during the Robotics FIRST competition in April. The program is a 10 hour instructional course culminating with an industry certification exam that they’re required to pass. Good luck to all our OSHA students! Also T-shirts are on the way, and are being finalized. You can support the team by purchasing one for $20. If you are interested in buying a shirt please message Panther Bots on Facebook.

Front design

Front design

Back design
Back design

Week 3 Progress

We are on schedule! Parts are being CADed, prototypes are being made, team members are busy, and we have three weeks to go! Fairly soon we will be posting pictures of our progress. Keep an eye on our social media!