“We all carry the seeds of greatness within us, but we need an image as a point of focus in order that they may sprout.” ~ Epictetus

To our mentors and their families, we say thank you. Thank you for your time, dedication, encouragement, and for believing in us even when we do not believe in ourselves. You have been our greatest inspiration, guides, and friends on this journey that we call robotics.

Our mentors and their more famous (or infamous) quotes:

Engineering Mentors:

  • Lead Mentor: Chad Robertson – “Don’t get in the way of big spinny things.”
  • Matt Millican – “How did you do that!?”
  • Gustavo Parra
  • Gustavo Hernandez

NEMOs (Non-engineering Mentors):

  • Dale Snyder (Fire Dad) – “Hey there slick, you might want to turn that off before you blow up your robot.”
  • Tish Snyder (Fire Mom) – “What do you mean we have to re-do these bumpers again?!”
  • Colton McCoy
  • Greg Deimel – *Double Thumbs Up*
  • Cody Belcher
  • Jess Berler

Past Mentors

  • Nolan Alley – “Always have a release valve.”
  • Chance Cross – “Meh”
  • Michael Lynn
  • Justin Snyder
  • Keldon McPhearson
  • Michael Dahlgren – “Did I mention I hate the first couple of days the bot works? They won’t leave my programmers alone with the bot.”
  • Josh Ronan – “Yep, that looked like a bad idea before you started.”
  • Jarrod Webb
  • Eduardo Rocha
  • Eric Reyes
  • Daniel Gonzalez
  • Jeffin James – “Where’s my keys?”