Sub Teams

Build Season Teams


CAD stands for Computer-Aided Design. They design the robot from scratch and are responsible for manufacturing components using industrial machinery such as CNC and 3D Printer.

Mentors: Chad Robertson and Matt Millican.

Team Lead: Maleigha Edens

Team Members: Edgar Aguiler, Ismael Aristondo, Aaron Hollinger,  Kade Kruse, Skyler Messer, Parker Muchanan, Kacyn Olford, and Samual Gonzalez-Perez.

Control systems

Often referred to as the “brain” of the robot, they focus on wiring the electronical components which allows the robot to move, see, and think.

Mentors: Gustavo Perra, Chad Robertson, and Matt Millican

Team Lead: Patrick Butler and Beth Anne McCollum

Team Members: Patrick Butler, Raeonna Card, Jeremy Cuellar,  Peyton Floyd, Holden Freeman, Elizabeth Juras, Lila Knapp, Kade Kruse, Callie Lawrence, Tatum Loving, Beth Anne McCollum, Evan McElroy, Skyler Messer, Patrick Milholland, Kabram MottJason Page, and Jeremiah Smith.


The finance team deals with the intricate details of budget, fundraising, and purchases.

Mentors: Robyn Segrest

Team Members: N/A

Game field

The Game Field focuses on making the game pieces. The game pieces allows for the drive team to learn how to work the robot.

Mentors: Fire Dad (Dale Synder)

Team Lead: Allan Munoz

Team Members: Ismael Aristondo, Edgar Aguiler, David Barrara,  Parker Buchanan, Jeremy Cuellar, Peyton Floyd, Gilbert Flores,  Holden Freeman, Christopher Harrison, Aaron Hollinger, Kade Kruse,  Callie Lawrence, Antonio Lin, Leo Lopez, Skyler Messer, Kacyn Olford,  Joel Gonzalez-Perez, Samuel Gonzalez-Perez, and Jeremiah Smith.


Mechanical focuses on manufacturing and assembling the individual subsystems into a final robot. They are responsible for everything from the wheels and drive base to the game specific super-structure.

Mentors: Chad Robertson, Matt Millican, Gustavo Perra, and Fire Dad (Dale Snyder)

Team Lead: Allan Munoz

Team Members: Nancy Berreles, Patrick Butler, Jeremy Cuellar,  Peyton Floyd, Christopher Harrison, Elizabeth Juras, Lila Knapp, Kade Kruse, Callie Lawrence, Tatum Loving, Beth Anne McCollum, Evan McElroy, Skyler Messer, Kabram Mott, Jason Page, Jeremiah Smith,  and Adam Willis.


P.R. or Personal Relations shares our team goals and ideas through social media, award presentations, and community outreach.

Mentors: Caleb Beames and Greg Deimel

Team Lead: Sarah Trevino

Team Members: Charles Arbuckle, Jeremy Culver, Larsen Goforth, Brynn Jones, Christian Rodriguez, and Xiomara Rodriguez.


Programming writes the code that controls everything including: Drive train, Mechanisms, Vision processing, Driver controls, and LED’s.

Mentors: Jess Berler and Cody Belcher

Team Lead: Hayden Futch

Team Members: Jairon Acosta, Krista Butterfras, Ivan Escobedo, Brynn Jones, Antonio Lin, Patrick Milholland, and Kiahley Vann,.


Competition Teams

Drive team

The drive team is responsible for communicating with our alliance members, creating a strategy, and executing the strategy on the game field by piloting the robot.

Mentors: Elizabeth Tatum

Team Members: Patrick Butler, Aaron Hollinger, Beth Anne  McCollum, Evan McElroy, and Jason Page.

Pit crew

Pit Crew works under high stress during competitions to maintain and repair the robot any time the robot is not on the field.

Mentors: Matt Millican

Team Members: N/A


Spirit focuses on “bedazzling” the team. They take care of the bows, tutus, safety glasses, and anything else that could need glitter. We proudly share our spirit within our team, community, and competitions.

Mentors: Fire Mom (Tish Snyder)

Team Lead: Amy Masi

Team Members: Everyone on the team



The Stats team gathers data during competitions that determines our game strategy and informs the drive team’s decisions both on and off the game field. 

Mentors: N/A

Team Lead: Alanna Carrizales

Team Members: Everyone on the team