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Weekly Update 2/14/22-2/19/22

Friday February 18, 2022


  • Gifhub did not work so members worked on logic statements.


  • Wired climb wenches.


  • Created brackets.

Game Field

  • Continued making tutus.


  • Wrapped the blue bumper and wrapped and staged everything needed for installation.

Thursday February 17, 2022


  • Looked into the color sensors and found version for them.

Control Systems

  • Put on pistons on the arms and attached thunder hexes for the limelight.


  • Made a mount for the camera.

Game Field

  • Worked on tutus and started getting bo ties ready by wiring lights and adding 3D printed paws for them.

Wednesday February 16, 2022


  • Put robot code on for the drive to be able to share and looked into practice code for game.

Control Systems

  • Installed new spacers on the arms of the robot.


  • Worked on spacers.

Game Field

  • Crafted tutus for the team mentors at coopetition.

Tuesday  February 15, 2022


  • Tested digital input for color sensors and looked at google for resources.

Control Systems

  • Went over terminology of robot.


  • Cadded spacers and 3D printed them.

Game Field

  • Worked on camera cart and made tutus.

Monday February 14, 2022


  • System check and tried to implement digital input for color sensor, if it doesn’t work look into making new sub-system.

Control Systems

  • Checked wiring from panel installation process.


  • Cut out metal for climber mechanism.

Game Field

  • Split into two groups; one group worked on camera cart and the other worked on the robot


Congratulations Pantherbots! We’re moving on to state UIL competition which will be held in the Austin Convention Center. We will depart Thursday and be back Saturday. All information is added below

Wednesday, May 17th – Sendoff. Meet in Mrs. Segrest’s room at 3:15
Thursday, May 18th – Departure. Meet at the school parking lot near the stadium ticket booth at 1:30
Monday, May 21st – Return at 11:30

Team Update

TLDR; Team is doing great, designs are being finalized; parent meeting has been scheduled for January 26th at 6:00pm.

Schedule: This week we are officially starting the A/B schedule. Please be here on the days you signed up for. It is VERY important that you are here on those days as in some cases you are the only representative from your particular sub-team.

The Full Story:

As of last Wednesday (1/11) the team has developed their chosen strategy. They are pursuing design of a robot that will focus on scoring gears, climbing the rope, and defense. We believe that with the resources available and the amount of time that we have to complete our robot this strategy is best suited to our talents.

Thursday – Monday we are/have been working on designs for the specific mechanisms we are going to need. On Saturday we developed a working climber prototype and today we believe we have developed a viable gear collector that will allow us to pick up gears from both the floor and loading area and then deliver the gear to the ‘airship’ to place it on the peg. The key to all of this is quick turnaround so that our drivers have time to practice. I am hoping that the CAD team will be able to finalize the design no later than Wednesday so that we may being ordering parts ASAP. If we could have two completed robots by the end of week four I would be ecstatic.

Students who are interested in being members of either the drive team or pit crew are being given OSHA vouchers to begin the certification process. They have until the end of build season to complete the certification process (2/22). They will be able to begin taking the written rules test on Saturday (1/21) for drive team/pit crew tryouts. It is not too late to get a voucher.

There is another parent meeting scheduled for January 26th at 6:00.

Love, Peace, and Robot Grease,

Mrs. S

End of week 3

Well guys its the end of week 3. Just to give you an update of what is going on with the team, this is just a run down of what every sub-team is doing on robotics.

As of last night the team has made significant headway. For the first time in our team history we are moving forward with a custom chassis instead of the one provided in the kit of parts. We believe this is a significant step in helping to tip us over the line of being a high-quality mid-level team to a high-level team. Last year a comment was made by a World Championship team that we compete with on a regular basis (Torque out of the Woodlands), ‘You guys came to play this year!’ For me that comment (by a mentor/coach) indicates that we are earning the respect of what I call the Powerhouse teams and this year we intend to let them know we are not going away!


The past week has seen the team hard at work (even when they look like they are playing):


PR – These kiddos have been working to document the progress of the team through photos, videos, essays, interviews, and award entries. Many are still learning the ropes when it comes to video and picture editing software. They are learning how to responsibly and professionally use social media to put out information about the team. Along with all of that they are having to use their English skills to write professional formal essays for award submission. In essence they are the historians of the team and they are doing a fantastic job.


Mechanical – It is because of the mechanical team that we have the robot that you see designed in the attached photos. They spent a lot of time prototyping and making sure that we could actually launch the ‘boulder’ into the high goal. They have also built a practice drive chassis for the programming team to get a head start on making sure their code will work. This is extremely helpful in terms of working out the bugs in our new control system.


Electrical – The electrical team has managed to wire the experimental drive chassis and a test board for the programmers without electrocuting anyone J. These systems will be utilized to test vision tracking software and drive code. They also tracked down enough motor controllers to save us almost 300.00 in purchasing new ones and that is a HUGE help! They work as hard as anyone on the team and keep us all ‘grounded’ 😉


Programming – The programming team has had a little bit of a rough road this week. This year FIRST implemented a new router and software configuration to communicate with the robot brain (the robot brain is called the RoboRio or just Rio). This has led to some unexpected bumps in the road for them. None of them have ever worked with this particular device before and despite much frustration they have been putting their heads together to try and get it all figured out. These kiddos are taxing their brains and research skills every afternoon to try and get all the communications working and for their dedication they get a BIG pat on the back.


CAD/Creo – This is a relatively new sub-team for us. One we have always wanted but not been able to truly take advantage of. For those of you who are not familiar with this CAD stands for Computer Aided Drafting. It is the software that allows us to create 3-dimensional images of our robot on the computer. The software we are using is called Creo. With the help of our mentors and one student who has quality experience with Creo several of the mechanical and electrical team members are refocusing their efforts into learning how to use Creo and help Mr. Robertson (our lead mentor) create the individual parts that will be used to build our robot. If you have ever seen the drafting plans for a house with all the dimensions, specifications, and every detail drawn…this is like that just for mechanical devices. Without these drawings (also called ‘spec sheets’) we couldn’t send parts out to have them manufactured to build our robots.

Week 3 of build season for 2016

Well guys the season has just started. If you keep up with our Facebook you know that we made a really good run last year. We were very proud of are students they did their very best last year we could not have asked for a better team. This year we have the biggest team ever and we are so excited to see what this build season is going to bring us. We are three week in and we are very hard at work. We have been trying to get people try and do vision tracking and target tracking,for the first time on this team in Lufkin PantherBot history. This will help us a lot with this years challenge, this years is one of the hardest challenge. #frc2582

Week 3 Progress

We are on schedule! Parts are being CADed, prototypes are being made, team members are busy, and we have three weeks to go! Fairly soon we will be posting pictures of our progress. Keep an eye on our social media!