Below is a list of resources that our team has found to be extremely helpful over the years for both veteran and rookie teams.

FIRST – The official FIRST web-site with resources for everything.

Lone Star Regional – One of three FIRST competition events in the state of Texas (and in our opinion the best).

Chief Delphi – A forum for teams to post questions, answers, and connect with other teams.

The Blue Alliance – A place to watch match footage (both current and archived) from all over the world.

Team in a Box – Produced by Miss Daisy this is a fantastic resource for founding a FIRST Robotics team. They recently posted all of their videos on YouTube for everyone to utilize.

MOE 365  – Team MOE has produced/written/documented information about FIRST, pneumatics, team structure, safety, etc. check out MOE University.

PTC – PTC provides programming support for FIRST through their Windchill product.


Robot Vendors – These businesses provide many FIRST related parts and are very helpful places to get started for both rookie and veteran teams.

AndyMark – AndyMark provides our standard kit of parts chassis along with a wealth of other items.

VEXPro – Vex is a great place to find specialty motors and gearboxes for those wild drivetrains everyone loves to see on the game field.

 McMaster-Carr – Great place for just about everything from aluminum hex-shafts to surgical tubing.


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